Financial Management System

General Ledger & Budgets

EXCEED-ERP for accounting system has been designed according to the commonly recognized accounting rules in the Arab region; where the general ledger account could be affected directly by the transactions of sales, purchases, inventory, and also by the journal entries resultant from receipt and payment documents. This will allow you to have direct queries for the daily transactions, accounting statements, trail balances, profit and loss statements and balances sheet. EXCEED-ERP also supports the function of “Financial analysis” in order to be used optionally, the matter which helps accountants to construct the relations of financial analysis and indicators of performance evaluation such as “Debt ratios”, ” liquidity ratios” , “profitability ratios”, and other ratios of financial status. All these ratios provide accurate information for the financial status at any moment; where you can create financial analysis relations for the year periods or for many years. Financial analysis relations could be also created between actual amounts and budget amounts within one year or different years.


Comprehensive files to define enterprise accounts
EXCEED-ERP provides comprehensive files to create the enterprise accounts chart. Via the files account categories, accounts chart, account chart type in addition to the detail accounts file, you can define the chart of accounts file for each company in the companies group; where you can define many types for chart of accounts such as commercial chart, manufacturing chart, service chart,…etc. EXCEED-ERP supports also defining partners in an independent file including the accounts related to each partner and consequently; you can monitor the finance for each partner and launch the reports for each of them such as the profit ratios, and others.
Effective mechanism to cost centers
While starting to implement EXCEED-ERP system, the institutionalized entity is defined; where you can define all the companies, all branches in each company, departments, sections, in addition to analysis sets. These dimensions could be defined as cost centers; consequently, the customer for example in each company may have four cost centers. This provides a great flexibility while dealing with accounts, cost distribution, and regulatory aspects. This way, you don’t not have to define an inventory account for each company, branch or section; rather, you can define one inventory account taking into account the defined dimensions or cost centers.
Flexible rules for distributing on accounts
EXCEED-ERP supports distributing values on accounts. In other words, you can affect on many accounts by different ratios upon affecting on other accounts. You can distribute these ratios manually, or automatically according to SQL queries. For example, the profit ratios could be distributed on the company branches according to the total sales of each branch. Another example, the salaries of the management employees could be distributed on the branches according to the profits of each branch. The accounting effect of EXCEED-ERP system could be adjusted to be more dynamic and intelligent. For example, in some documents, you can affect on the account of data entry who logged in the database.
Purchases elements and Miscellaneous invoices
EXCEED-ERP supports defining purchases elements such as petty cash, workers tips, buffet requirements. These expenses are bought via miscellaneous invoice and let EXCEED-ERP system to affect on the desired accounts automatically rather than having to create journal entries that require accounting experience.
Flexibility for defining budgets
EXCEED-ERP provides a special menu for budgets. You can define a scenario of planned budget for purchases account, salaries account, or any other account whether per year or per month. You can define the account budget for a certain cost center or many cost centers. You can also adjust the system such that the account value does not exceed its budget. For example, You can prevent user from issuing purchases invoices that exceed the purchases budget within a specific period.
EXCEED-ERP also provides defining a budget (forecast) for items of the sales either for a specific item or a group of items (such as drugs or chemicals). You can define many scenarios per customer or salesman to record the expected sales amount for each item (or a group of items) at the level of a specific period or any of defined cost centers such as department, section. EXCEED-ERP provides a mechanism to calculate the cost of the budget items, and then the expected profit.
Comprehensive documentary cycle
EXCEED-ERP provides all required accounting documents, where you can affect on the accounts and subsidiaries via the journal entries. You can also pay the due debt of vendors and customers via payment and receipt vouchers. EXCEED-ERP provides also requests documents to issue payment and receipt vouchers based on them in addition to debit and credit notes.
Full support for foreign currencies
You can define any number of currencies in addition to have the capability to change the exchange rate yearly, monthly or daily. You can also enter the exchange rate manually in EXCEED-ERP documents such as sales invoices, purchases invoices, receipt vouchers and payment vouchers.
Full integration with the other EXCEED-ERP systems
Accounts documents integrate with the other EXCEED-ERP documents. For example, you can pay the sales invoices via receipt vouchers, and purchases invoices via payment vouchers. EXCEED-ERP allows paying the invoices either according to debt age arrangement, or by selecting specific invoices to be paid. Accounts documents integrate also with the Banks system; where, you can pay payment and receipt vouchers via commercial papers (cheques or bills of exchange).
Reconciliation system for subsidiaries
As the bank reconciliation system supported by EXCEED-ERP to compare between the enterprise statement, and bank statement; EXCEED-ERP also supports a reconciliation system for any subsidiary account (customer/vendor/employees. And so on). Via subsidiary reconciliation document, you can compare between the enterprise transactions of a customer, for example and the transactions sent from this customer in order to make reconciliation between them.
System Reports
• Balance Sheet
• Income Statement
• Subsidiary Trail Balance
• Detail Trail Balance By Period
• Account Statement
• Subsidiary Account Statement
• Detail Account Statement
• Chart Of Accounts
• Income Statement Compare
• Trial Balance Total
• Trial Balance Bal
• Cash Flows Statement

Accounts Payable & Receivable

EXCEED-ERP provides receipt and payment systems with all subsidiaries via receipt and payment vouchers. You can deal with any subsidiary such as customers, vendors, employees,..etc; so that you can pay the due invoices, and receive or issue commercial papers such as cheques and bills of exchange.

Integration with sales and purchases modules
You can pay sales invoices via receipt vouchers, and purchases invoices via payment voucher, where you can pay the invoices either by the debit age arrangement, or by selecting certain invoices to be paid.

Support Foreign currencies
EXCEED-ERP allows user to pay invoices of customers and vendors by foreign currencies that may be differ from the invoice currency taking into account the currency rate, and then affects on the subsidiary by the same currency of its account.

Define affected accounts
The document type of receipt and payment vouchers could be implemented so that affects on accounts of subsidiary, safe deposit, or any other account without any intervention by user; however, EXCEED-ERP allows modifying the affected accounts by authorized users. EXCEED-ERP also supports entering compound entries in receipt and payment vouchers in order to affect on multiple accounts.

Support payment for commercial papers
Via the commercial papers tab screen, you can pay invoices or bills of exchange, where the commercial papers could be paid for a subsidiary account either by the arrangement of the paper due date, or by selecting certain papers to be paid. EXCEED-ERP supports verifying the paper status while data entry and monitoring the balance of the document subsidiary account.

Support notifications system
You can implement the system so that send notifications for the different subsidiaries such as the approaching of payment due date, the client exceeded his credit limit and he has to pay, or any other notification. EXCEED-ERP supports sending notifications via E-mails, or SMS.

Documentary cycle for receipts and payments
You can issue receipt and payment vouchers via other documents, where EXCEED-ERP provides two documents for payment and receipt requests to support approval system. You can issue a receipt voucher based on a sales order, job order, receipt request,..etc. Likewise, the payment voucher could be issued based on a salary document, purchase invoice, payment request…etc.

System Reports
• Journal Entries Statement
• Intercompany Transfers statement
• PV&RV Documents
• Receipt Vouchers Requests Statement
• Receipt Vouchers Statement
• Payment Vouchers Requests Statement
• Payment Vouchers Statement
• Debit Notes Statement
• Credit Notes Statement
• Customer & Supplier Aging
• Customer & Supplier Aging Details

Bank Management System

EXCEED-ERP for banks system supports all banking transactions and the commercial papers such as cheques and bills of exchange. EXCEED-ERP supports all transactions of the commercial papers such as issuing, receiving papers, collecting them, attaching papers in receipt and payment vouchers, inserting them in a bank portfolio, and monitoring their status with the capability of canceling them before collection. EXCEED-ERP supports effective systems for bank reconciliation, letters of guarantee, and bank transfers.
Comprehensive files for banking system
EXCEED-ERP provides comprehensive files to record the following data:
• Infinite number of banks with detailed information for each one.
• Bank accounts with six accounts for each bank account. These accounts could be increased to 21 accounts for each bank accounts record.
• Commercial papers (Received, Issued) with detailed information for each paper.
Documentary cycle to simulate commercial cycle
Initially, when transferring from a manual system to EXCEED-ERP, you can record all your commercial papers with the current status for each one (Issued, Received, in a bank portfolio, endorsed….), and then handling them via the system documents until collecting or cancelling. You can attach any of received papers in a bank portfolio and track its status via the bank notice document, where it can be collected, rejected or cancelled with recording the cancel method such as replacing it by another paper or journal entry or receipt document.
Full integration with receipt and payment vouchers
You can pay the payment and receipt vouchers via the commercial papers (cheques or bills of exchange). With receipt and payment vouchers, you can pay a sales invoice and a purchase invoice by one or many commercial papers. This can be done via financial papers tab screen in the payment or receipt vouchers taking into consideration all commonly paying methods such as endorsing a received document in a payment vouchers.
Bank Reconconciliations
Via bank reconciliation system, you can compare between bank statement and the enterprise statement in order to reconcile the balances in both statements. Bank reconciliation system is an effective tool to match the accounts of bank and enterprise in a simple way for users, where you can import an electronic file for bank statement to be compared with the enterprise statement. The matching process could be done manually or automatically according to the matching rules that are previously defined by the enterprise such as the allowed difference in date, amounts, and the number of matched letters in order to reach to a final reconciliation accurately.
Letter of guarantee
EXCEED-ERP provides an effective system for received and issued letter of guarantee with detailed information for all transactions of each letter. EXCEED-ERP supports all types of guarantee such as primary, finally, paid in advance and maintenance letter of guarantee. EXCEED-ERP supports also letter of guarantee either fully and partially covered in addition to the capability of increasing the guarantee value and partially or fully liquidating the guarantee value.
Bank transfers
EXCEED-ERP supports separating the bank transactions from entry, receipt, and payment vouchers. You can use bank transfer documents to deposit the employees’ salaries or transfer cash from bank to another and so on.
System Reports
• Cheques List within period
• Receivable and payable statement within period
• Cheques Under Collection Statement within period
• Letters of Guarantee Statement within period
• Bank notes statement within period
• Bank notes statement within period (per note type)
• Bank transfers statement within period (per bank)
• Bank deposits statement within period (per bank)
• Bank reconciliations statement within period (per bank)
• Deviation percentage from bank reconciliation

Fixed assets and custodies Management System

Fixed assets are characterized by a special nature as they have a tangible physical entity, and they are acquired for use not for sale, and also the useful life for fixed assets remains for years and their values should be reduced periodically in order to reflect the current values. EXCEED-ERP supports all fixed asset phases including purchasing, periodic depreciation, transferring, replacement, maintaining, and disposal.
EXCEED-ERP supports dealing with some assets as custodies with employees in addition to monitoring them via comprehensive documents cycle.

Comprehensive file for each asset
EXCEED-ERP supports a comprehensive file for each asset including its serial number, location, insurance information, custody, warranty terms, in addition to a large number of accounts including the asset account, depreciation account, and accumulative depreciation account. Via this file, EXCEED-ERP also, displays instantaneous information for the asset according to its documents such as purchasing value, production date, the current status of its depreciation, the information of the asset as a custody with full statement for the assigned employees from the acquisition to the disposal of assets, and statistical data for the asset such as useful life, remaining life, and the date of last depreciation. EXCEED-ERP also supports attaching infinite number of attachments for the asset such as the Certificate of warranty, contract of purchase, and any number of asset pictures and remarks .

Organizational environment for assets
While implementing EXCEED-ERP system, the organization of the entity is defined including the companies, branches, sectors, departments, and analysis sets. User can define these regulatory titles as cost centers; consequently, each asset in the company may has four cost centers. This concept provides great flexibility for assets accounts and regulatory issues. This way, user does not have to define building account to each branch, sector, department. Rather, one building account could be defined and affected taking into account the different cost centers. In addition to the regulatory environment; EXCEED-ERP supports a comprehensive file for the fixed assets types such as cars, machines, equipments. And so on, as well as another file allocated to fixed assets locations. This close-knit regulatory environment gives a great flexibility for transferring assets and custodies and launching fixed assets reports using existing regulatory parameters.

Full integration with the other EXCEED-ERP systems
Fixed assets integrate with account system. For example, the system allows defining many accounts for each asset including asset account, depreciation account, and accumulative depreciation account. As another example fixed assets system integrates with human resources as user can define the asset as a custody with any of the company employees.

Simulation for actual procedures
EXCEED-ERP supports all fixed assets procedures via a comprehensive documentary cycle; where it supports the following procedures:

Purchasing assets
EXCEED-ERP supports the purchasing cycle for fixed assets via some documents related to fixed assets such as “Fixed Asset Purchase invoice”, “Fixed Asset Purchase Request”, and “Fixed Asset Purchase Order”. Via the purchase invoice, you can buy an asset or a group of assets taking into account the commonly recognized purchasing principles such as supplier name, purchases man, currency, asset value, the information of shipping and billing, in addition to information related to the fixed asset system such as useful life, salvage value, and the location of the asset.

Recording existing fixed assets
When transforming from manual work or other systems to EXCEED-ERP, you can record an existing fixed asset via a fixed asset opening document including all fixed asset information such as “Depreciation start date”, “useful life”, “salvage value”,..etc. After recording the opening information of the fixed assets, EXCEED-ERP monitors all fixed assets transactions such as depreciation, transferring, maintenance, and disposal.

Transferring assets between the entity locations
EXCEED-ERP supports transferring fixed assets between different locations at the level of companies, branches, sectors, and departments in order to closing the expenses of the fixed asset in the first location and posting the remaining value of the asset; and consequently, the depreciation effect to the accounts of the other location. The regulatory environment provided by EXCEED-ERP supports transferring the fixed assets efficiently, where you can keep the fixed asset account with changing the cost centers (such as company, branch, department, sector, and analysis set).

Supply Chain Management System

Inventory Management System

Inventory system is one of the most comprehensive systems of EXCEED-ERP, where inventory system provides detailed information about quantities, nature, and transactions for each item. You can define infinite number of warehouses that may contain infinite number of locations. EXCEED-ERP provides all documents required for issuing, receipt, and transferring as well as the withdraw rules from warehouses and automatically generating for inventory documents, and many other capabilities supported by EXCEED-ERP.


Comprehensive record for each item:

EXCEED-ERP provides a huge information that defines specifications and setting for each item such as the capability of defining any number of units for the item along with allocating a default unit for both sales and purchases. You can also define allocated codes for the same item; where, at the level of each item, you can allocate a code for each customer or vendor so as to be the same code that defined in the customer’s invoices. EXCEED-ERP supports defining a commercial policy for each item such as the availability of selling, purchasing, returning, and manufacturing; in addition to the storage policy such as the minimum quantity, maximum quantity, and order limit of the item. You can also define versions, sizes, colors, and many other information for each item.

Documents cover all stock activities:

EXCEED-ERP provides all documents that are required in the storage policy such as the documents of receiving, issuing, transferring, assembling, reserving, delivering, opening stock, cost re-evaluating, Initial receipt, stock receipt inspection, receipt additional cost, in addition to the requests documents for receipt, delivery, transfer, and others. All these documents are integrated with each other so that you can issue a document based on another one logically such that issuing a stock receipt voucher based on a stock receipt request.

Automated coding for items:

EXCEED-ERP provides an automated coding system for items, where you can define the items characteristics in items categories file and let EXCEED-ERP to generate the items codes in the items file including items name in an intelligent way inspired from the items information entered before in the items categories file.

Effective and powerful system for costing:

Before implementing EXCEED-ERP system, you can choose the costing method to be applied. EXCEED-ERP implementers will guide you how to apply this method.
EXCEED-ERP developers paid a great attention to costing process as it indicates how much profit or loss specially in manufacturing activities. You can adjust the average cost so as to be at the level of company, warehouse, location, department and section. The cost may be also at the level of item type such as batch no, size, version, and color in order to have an average cost for each item type. You can also generate “Additional receipt cost” documents to charge the item cost by any additional cost such as shipment cost, customs, taxes, or any additional expenses. These additional cost could be distributed manually or according to weight, quantity, ..etc. The cost of the free item could be defined by any costing way according to the enterprise’s perspective.
EXCEED-ERP system does not wait for posting documents in order to calculate the items cost, as you don’t have to post documents with EXCEED-ERP; rather, the cost are calculated upon saving documents. EXCEED-ERP also recalculates the items costs upon modifying or deleting any old documents or even adding document by previous dates taking into account the documents arrangement and its affect on the average cost.
Furthermore, EXCEED-ERP has variant methods to charge each item by the real cost; where you can generate Re-evaluate documents to change the item cost for any reason. EXCEED-ERP also affects on the item cost upon changing the discounts of previous invoices and consequently re-evaluates the invoices discounts in order to automatically change items costs to reflect the new discounts.

Full system for assembly items:

EXCEED-ERP supports an effective and powerful system for assembling items components. You can assemble the same item by different methods according to the components to be assembled. EXCEED-ERP provides a special file for components. For example, the processor as a component in the assembly item computer, you can define infinite number of processors such as Cor i3, Cor i3, Cor i3; consequently, when inserting the processor as a component in the computer, EXCEED-ERP lets the user to choose the required processor type. You can also define mandatory and optionally components for the assembly item in addition to determining quantity, size, color, version ,..etc while adding each component; consequently, each assembly item may have infinite number of assembly methods according to the assembled components. EXCEED-ERP allows user to generate assembly documents; where you can define the required quantities of assembly items to automatically generate stock issue vouchers for the components of these items with the parameters previously defined in assembly items. EXCEED-ERP allows user to add additional expenses that required for assembling process.

Rules for generating inventory documents:

With EXCEED-ERP, you don’t have to define the inventory transaction cycle each time; rather, you can define infinite number of rules for generating inventory documents in order to be applied automatically according to specific parameters. For example, you can define a rule to generate a transfer document from a specific warehouse as soon as receiving items in this warehouse from another one according to the items quantities or items types. You can customize any rule according to the work nature.

Accurate stocktaking system:

In addition to the perpetual inventory system that allows you to have instantaneously acknowledge about quantity, cost, and profit for each item, EXCEED-ERP supports also an accurate system for stocktaking procedures. Initially, you define warehouses for which you will perform stocktaking and enter the actual quantities. EXCEED-ERP calculates the differences between the actual quantities and the accounting quantities to generate the stock receipt, stock issue and accounting entry vouchers required to adjust the warehouses quantities. EXCEED-ERP also simulates the actual conditions for stocktaking; where usually, users discover that there are some missing documents before stocktaking procedures, or there documents that have incorrect data that will have a great effect in the inventory value. In these cases, you can create missing documents or modify incorrect documents and attach these changes to the ended stocktaking; consequently, affect on the inventory accounts, and quantities rather than having to re-perform all stocktaking procedures and suspend users again.

Tenders system:

EXCEED-ERP supports tenders system; where the company may have tenders with some customers; consequently the items may have prices for these customers different from defined prices in the system. For example, items included in the tender may be sold by 90 Riyals, while it may be sold by 100 Riyal out of the tender.

Applying quality standards:

You can apply quality standards for received or issued items. This feature is very important, specially with manufacturing activities. Via check lists, you can test the items and then accept or reject these items. Quality tests could be performed via Quality control documents that are allocated to apply enterprise quality standards. EXCEED-ERP also provides Quality assurance document to assure that all quality steps have been performed correctly.

System Reports:

• Stock quantity with cost
• Items movement statement within period
• Items List View
• Items movement statement with cost
• Slow movement items within period
• Warehouses Locators statement
• Stock receipt requests statement within period
• Stock receipt documents statement within period
• Stock issue documents statement within period
• Stock issue documents statement within period
• Initial Receipt documents statement
• Receipt Inspection documents statement
• Receipt Additional Cost documents statement
• Assembly Documents statement

Purchases Management System

Purchasing process is the first step for any commercial cycle as it is the source of the cost; there for, EXCEED-ERP supports an efficient and flexible system for purchasing system, where you can display the statistics of purchases and vendors at any time. You can also, monitor the purchases process and have information about the enterprise requirements instantaneously.


Comprehensive file for vendors:
EXCEED-ERP provides a comprehensive record for each vendor containing all information including basic info such as vendor code, name, and department.etc. You can also define the contact information such as the vendor address, the policy of returning and replacing and the contract conditions. EXCEED-ERP supports also defining up to twenty accounts for each vendor. Via vendor record, you can attach the copies for any number of documents such as agreements and letter of credits in addition to the ability to enter any number of notes.

Comprehensive purchase cycle
EXCEED-ERP provides all documents required for any purchases cycle. The system supports purchases requests required by vendors, purchase quotations, purchase orders, as well as purchase invoices and purchase returns. You can issue a purchase document based on other document logically such as a purchase invoice based on a purchase quotation, or a purchase return based on a purchase invoice,.. and so on. You can also monitor the purchase cycle details from related documents tab screen for purchase invoice or purchase return.

Full support for all payment systems
EXCEED-ERP supports all payment systems such as cash, credit. You can also apply installment payment system via “Payment Schedule Templates” supported by EXCEED-ERP. In order to pay the goods value via scheduled installments as well as defining the period and value of each installment.

Purchase cost as it should be
EXCEED-ERP supports charging the purchases by any additional cost, where you can add additional receipt costs and expense items to the purchase invoice. These additional costs such as shipments, customs, and gratuities of workers, ..etc.

Instantaneous statistics for purchases
Via dash board supported by EXCEED-ERP you can have instantaneously statistics for the purchases per each item, vendor, branch, ..etc.


Purchase trade agreement
You can define a purchase price per item or vendor via purchase price list supported by EXCEED-ERP. You can also determine purchase price in the purchase invoices based on purchase quotations defined before. On the other hand, EXCEED-ERP supports many systems for discounts in the purchases documents, where discount could be defined per vendor or per item taking into account department, item’s category, date,..and so on.
EXCEED-ERP allows also modifying discounts of the vendors and charge the vendor by the difference of previous and new discounts which is named as post discount which recalculates the inventory cost to reflect the applied discounts. This is a very strong point; where some vendors request from their customers/distributers to magnify the discount of their goods in order to get rid of some items either for the approaching of expiry date or to offer new goods, or any other reasons. This feature also supports the annual target for vendors to reach to specific volume of sales; which in turn helps the enterprise to magnify discounts and consequently, maximizing sales.

Flexible system for enterprise requirements
At any time, you can monitor all items that reached to the order limit or those items that approximately finished at the level of warehouse, department, branch, section, and company. You can also, collect all requests of required items in one purchases request to automatically generate a purchase order for these items.

Purchase authorities
It is a very important to have a strong system for pricing and discounts, where a lot of enterprises require hiding purchases prices and discounts from data entries; consequently, data entry don’t have to enter purchases prices; As the cost of items considered confidential information that should not be viewed by any user. EXCEED-ERP supports a strong system for purchasing authorities. For example, some items could be limited to be bought via specific branches, departments, sections or employees.

Work flow for purchases cycle
Work flow system of EXCEED-ERP could be applied in the purchases cycle and any other module. For example, you can restrict purchases invoices by the approval of the direct manager, or approvals of many managers. These approvals could be even per items, where EXCEED-ERP supports approval for each item according to specific parameters such as quantity, price, and discount.

Full integration with accounts and warehouses
Purchases system has full integration with account system, where purchases documents could be implemented to affect on any accounts including the accounts of vendors, brokers,…etc. You can define the entries that are resultant from purchases documents by any accounting system supported by the enterprise. EXCEED-ERP also supports accounting effect at the level of each invoice item.
Purchases integrate with the inventory system as stock receipt vouchers could be generated automatically upon saving the purchase invoice; and consequently affecting on inventory quantities, and items costs. Likewise, stock issue vouchers could be automatically generated upon saving the purchases returns. EXCEED-ERP supports receiving items in many warehouses upon issuing a purchase invoice, and also issuing items from many warehouses upon issuing purchase return.

System Reports
• Purchases and returns movement statement
• Purchase Orders Details
• Suppliers Statement
• Purchase Price Lists Statement within period
• Payment Schedule Templates Statement
• Purchase Requests Statement within period
• Consolidated Purchase Requests Statement within period
• Purchase Quotation Requests Statement within period
• Purchase Quotations Statement within period
• Purchase Orders Statement within period
• Purchase Invoices Statement within period
• Purchase Returns Statement within period
• Items Purchase Details

Letter of Credits

The import process and Letter of credits have a special nature, where the letter of credit may be received on many shipments, and within several periods; therefore, Letter of credit system requires a strong and effective system in order to monitoring the cost of shipments including the expenses paid by the company until closing the letter of credit and costing all imported items. At the same time, the system should allow selling the imported items before reaching to the final cost. EXCEED-ERP system covers all letter of credit procedures such as Letter of credit opening requests, issuing a Performa Invoice, monitoring all imported shipments and expenses spent in details, in addition to closing the letter of credit and preventing users from issuing transactions for it.

Comprehensive data For letter of credit and expenses items
EXCEED-ERP allows recording all letter of credit information including bank info, correspondent bank, vendor, account currency, shipment data, delivery, insurance, customs, letter of credit types and accounts, in addition to the items of planned shipments, and the delivery date for each of them. EXCEED-ERP also allows to define infinite number of costing methods in order to distribute the letter of credit cost on the items by any way such as by value, weight, quantity, or by manual distributing.

Supporting for all letter of credits types
EXCEED-ERP supports all types of letter credits types such as confirmed and not confirmed letter of credit, fully and partially recovered, promoted,..and so on. EXCEED-ERP also supports all shipments policies, opening the letter of credit by any currency, and receiving any number of shipments. Furthermore, Letter of credit value could be reduced or increased.

Full coverage for letter of credit procedures
EXCEED-ERP supports all documents required to perform all letter of credit procedures such as LC opening request in order to open a letter of credit in the bank, Performa invoice that contains the letter of credit items at the beginning of the contract. Via this Performa invoice, user can enter the purchased items, their quantities, prices, specifications, ..and so on. Through this invoice, you can also define the payment method and the details of payments to be paid to the vendor. Through the expense document, you can record all expenses of the letter of credit in order to be distributed on the purchased items. Via LC cost documents, EXCEED-ERP collects the stock receipt documents and expense documents for each LC shipment in order to calculate the final cost for each item according to the item quantity, expenses, and the distribution method

Full tracking for letter of credit procedures
EXCEED-ERP supports all procedures of the letter of credit via a special file named LC action; where you can record the arrival of the insurance policy, shipment policy, promote actions, Customs Clearance, or even cancelling the letter of credit. Through recording of these procedures, you can launch all reports to recognize the letter of credit status and all its details with the vendors or any official party.

Monitor the letter of credit Instantaneously
As soon as issuing the LC cost document, EXCEED-ERP costs the items of the letter of credit and close it so as to prevent adding any additional costs. But waiting till receiving all shipments and recording all expenses in order to calculate the final cost seems illogical; especially the enterprise needs to sell the received goods and determines the prices according to the final cost; therefore, EXCEED-ERP provides a mechanism to cost the received shipments instantaneously according to stock receipt and expenses documents. This technique allows user to have online information for the items costs according to received items and spent expenses.

Reverse expenses to reduce costs
The vendor sometimes returns some of goods value because of the lack of required quantity, or non-compliance of the agreed specifications. In these cases, you can record an expense for this cost but by a negative value; therefore, the vendor will be credit rather than debit. Recording a negative value for the cost allows the enterprise to get any expenses back from the vendor. This is a good way rather than issuing adjustment entries or modifying the letter of credit data which consequently changes the financial statements.

System Reports
• Letter of Credits details
• Letter of Credits Statement within period
• LC Proforma Invoices Statement within period
• LC Opening Requests Statement within period
• LC Opening Documents Statement within period
• LC Expenses Documents Statement within period
• LC Costs Statement
• LC Actions Statement

Sales Management System

The sales process and its profitability are considered the main objective of any commercial activity for decision makers and company’s stockholders. Sales system of EXCEED-ERP was designed so as to support all sales systems including pricing systems and sales offers in addition to monitoring sales transactions and its statistics instantaneously; the matter which serves the decision maker efficiently and effectively.
Comprehensive file for customers
EXCEED-ERP provides a comprehensive record for each customer containing all information including basic info such as customer code, name, and department..etc; and contact information such as the customer address, shipment address in addition to credit limits. EXCEED-ERP supports also defining up to twenty accounts for each customer. Via customer record, you can attach the copies for any number of documents such as agreements and letter of credits in addition to the ability to enter any number of notes.
Comprehensive sales cycle
EXCEED-ERP provides all documents required for any sales cycle. The system supports sales requests required by customers, sales quotations, sales orders, as well as sales invoices and sales returns. You can issue a sales document based on other document logically such as a sales invoice based on a sales quotation, or a sales return based on a sales invoice,.. and so on. You can also monitor the sales cycle details from related documents tab screen for sales invoice or sales return.
Full support for all payment systems
EXCEED-ERP supports all payment systems such as cash, credit, as well as payment via credit card such as visa card, master card, and others; furthermore, you can pay via many methods in the same sales invoice. You can also apply installment payment system via “Payment Schedule Templates” supported by EXCEED-ERP.
Unbelievable pricing and quotations systems
You cannot recognize the power extent of pricing and quotations systems of EXCEED-ERP without having previous experience in other systems, where you can define many pricing lists for each customer and link these prices by specific dates in order to apply these prices according to specific parameters. EXCEED-ERP supports price quotation system to apply discounts and free items per item, invoice, or customer taking into consideration the item quantity, sale date, …etc. EXCEED-ERP also supports the sale points system. All these systems could be applied according to defined rules regardless the degree of complexity.
Sales authorities
EXCEED-ERP supports any sale authority regardless the degree of complexity. For example, some items could be sold only in determined branches, departments, sections or by specific sellers. Discounts authorities and discount percentage could be defined per employee, job, customer,..etc. EXCEED-ERP allows hiding any information such as prices or discounts from data entry. On the other hand, you can define any conditional authority regardless its degree of complexity. For example, selling below cost could be limited for specific users Another example, invoices whose values more than 50000 Riyals could be issued by sales managers only.
Work flow for sales cycle
Work flow system of EXCEED-ERP could be applied in the sales cycle and any other module. For example, you can restrict sales invoices by the approval of the direct manager, or approvals of many managers. These approvals could be even per sold items, where EXCEED-ERP supports approval for each item according to specific parameters such as quantity, price, and discount. You can imagine that an invoice that includes ten items may require ten approvals from 10 different persons.
Full integration with accounts and warehouses
Sales system has full integration with account system, where sales document could be implemented to affect on any accounts including the accounts of customers, salesmen, collectors,…etc. On the other hand, EXCEED-ERP allows affecting on many different accounts for each invoice item, where the item price may affect on a specific account, while each discount of invoice discounts – up to 8 discounts – may affect on a different account.
In addition to the automatic and manual effect on warehouses by sales invoice, EXCEED-ERP supports also the intelligent withdraw from warehouses. In other words, EXCEED-ERP supports withdraw from the nearest warehouse, and if there is no enough quantity, the withdraw will be from the next nearest warehouse, and so on. The withdraw priority could be defined by any rules defined by user.
System Reports
• Customers Net Sales
• Sales Invoices and Returns
• Sales statistics per sales man
• Item Sales details
• Monthly sales
• Non-invoiced sales orders
• Sales Orders Statement
• Sales Price Lists Statement
• Sales Offers Statement
• Sales Invoices Details with Payments
• Sales Invoices with Paid and Remaining
• Sales invoices profit
• Item Profit

Point of sale

Point of sale system is distinguished by an environment that completely different from that environment of Back-office applications; therefore, the development company has to design a flexible, learnable system, and does not allow human mistakes or any deceits from users as possible. in addition to that, POS system should respond within minimum time, and cope up with the peak hours in view of the nature of working environment.


Flexibility of use and speed of response
EXCEED-ERP provides a set of features that lead to issuing invoices in a minimum time, where the system allows temporarily holding an invoice, deleting items, cancelling an invoice, editing prices and discounts according to the authorities given for cashier. EXCEED-ERP also allows inquiry for any item to have information about price, expiry date, available quantity, …etc; without having to cancelling the current invoice.
In addition to that, user can repeat the previous item via a shortcut key, or insert it again by negative to delete its effect if the user has no authority to delete it.

Full support for all POS peripherals
EXCEED-ERP supports all peripherals of POS such as Pole display, keywords, cash drawer, barcode reader, slip printer, and credit card machine; Furthermore, the development company provides solutions for any modern device may be imposed by market.

Unlimited authorities
EXCEED-ERP fundamentally has a very powerful system for users authorities, where user may have authority at the level of each field; but POS system as it has a specific nature; the cashiers and POS operators must have special authorities under strict monitoring; therefore, the actions such as editing prices and discounts, cancelling invoices or returning it, cash counting of registers, cash withdrawal, printing a slip many times, and payment via credit cards should prevented as a default, and any of these actions must require a prior authority for the user. EXCEED-ERP provides all authorities for these actions to be given to users according to the trust degree granted for each of them. In addition to that, if the user has no authority to do something, he can ask any other employee that has this authority to do it. For example, customer may try to return an invoice or any other action without having the required authority. In this case, the system will display a pop up screen to enter a barcode of an authorized user. If the authorized user enters his barcode, the action could be performed without having to exchanging the current cashier. This procedure applies on all actions that require authority.

Support different payment types
EXCEED-ERP supports credit sale, and payment by foreign currency in addition to credit card payment. User can also pay an invoice by many currencies and many credit card types. This way, user has a great flexibility in the payment process. In addition to that, EXCEED-ERP issues the journal entries to discount the banks commissions from the credit card values according to the commission discount of each bank.

Shifts management system and data transfer
EXCEED-ERP provides a system for the shifts management that works with many machines, where you can change the attendance time of a shift, its time period, in addition to the ability to exchange cashiers in the same shift without affecting on the authority or the collection value for each of them. On the other hand, you can transfer a shift or many shifts all at once to the back-office POS module; and consequently, affecting on the sales statistics and balances of customers, and then serving the loyalty cards, and discounts granted to customers according to their purchasing values. Transferring data also helps to monitor the credit limits of customers, the statistics of cashiers, salesmen, and any other interested information. You can schedule the data transfer to be done without any intervention by users. POS invoices could be transferred upon saving automatically to monitor balances and statistics online. On the other hand, you can control the way of transferring data such as transferring all invoices related to one customer or salesman into one invoice in the back-office system. Also, you can implement the system to collect POS invoices so that each transferred invoice contains 30 thousands of sold items, for example, or any other configurations required by the customer.

Simple and efficient cash count system
Upon issuing a new invoice, the system updates the balance of cash drawer. While closing the shift, EXCEED-ERP compares between account and actual balances to displays any discrepancies. You can define allowance percentage for the shortage of cash drawer, and automatically post this shortage on the cashier account when exceeding the defined allowance percentage.

Receipts and payments from the main screen
In addition to issuing the POS invoices, you can pay cash to an employee or a vendor, and receive cash from the debit customers. You can switch to a simple payment or receipt screen via one of POS shortcuts without affecting on the current invoice.

Remote interaction with customers
EXCEED-ERP system fundamentally was designed so that copes up the Era challenges and modern technologies; therefore, EXCEED-ERP allows issuing customer POS invoices via modern mobiles that support this feature. On the other hand, the system allows sending notifications for customers via E-mails or SMS to remember them by credit limits, sales offers, seasonal discounts or any other information.

Flexible returns system
EXCEED-ERP allows returning a POS invoice or some items of it according to the cashier authorities. You can adjust the authority of retuning an invoice, some items, or even deleting an item by entering a barcode of a specific employee so that when passing the magnetic card of this employee on the barcode reader, the system allows returning or editing the invoice items. When returning some of invoice items or editing them, EXCEED-ERP recalculates the discounts and free items, if any, according to the discounts and free items rules applied in the sales module and calculates the difference from or to the customer.

Invoices printing as it should be
In addition to supporting all types of slip printers, you can control the form of the printed slip in terms of displaying prices, the enterprise logo, or any other information. You can also define many forms to exchange between them; Furthermore, user can print a pos slip many times provided that having this authority.

System Reports
• Registers statement (per currency, locator)
• Current open shifts statement
• Closed shifts within period per register
• POS receipts within period (per cashier, shift, register)
• POS Payments within period (per cashier, shift, register)
• POS sales within period (per shift, item, customer, salesman, cashier, register, cash, debit, credit card)
• POS returns within period (per shift, item, customer, salesman, cashier, register, cash, debit, credit card)
• Total credit card payments within period (per credit card, bank, customer, cashier)
• Tables list (taken and not taken)
• Statement of replaced items within period (per shift, period, register, cashier, customer)
• Deficit and increase statement within period

Human Resource Managament System

Human Resource

  • Organizational structure

EXCEED-ERP provides a flexible technique to define the enterprise employees in a hierarchal manner according to departments, sections, and jobs.

  • Comprehensive file for each employee

EXCEED-ERP provides a huge file for each employee in order to enter all information including personal info, social info, contact info, ..etc.

  • Easily adapt to the internal regulations of the companies

EXCEED-ERP supports any method of regulation systems for the companies such as attendance information, vacations, and penalties of these regulations.

  • Adapt business rules by country

EXCEED-ERP supports all business rules applied in Arabic countries. For example, in Gulf countries, EXCEED-ERP supports sponsorship system, escorts, stays,..and so on; however, supports a system for taxes applied in Egypt such as sales tax, income tax according to different tax brackets.

  • Monitoring employees documents

In addition to Human resources system, EXCEED-ERP supports a document management to monitor all employee documents such as graduation certificate, experience certificate, and any other document related to employee in addition to recording any transaction to each document, along with an organizational method to reach to any document at any time.

  • Self-Service system for employee

EXCEED-ERP provides the capability of self-service for each employee. In other words, employee can issue a loan request, vacation request, or even view his salary document by himself.

  • Full integration with account system

EXCEED-ERP provides many accounts or each employee for salary, loans, custodies, and so on in order to have instantaneous accounting effect for employee documents.

Time Attendance

  • Attendance system

EXCEED-ERP provides a flexible method to define attendance plans by the work nature. For example, you can define many shift plans for management employees, factory workers, workers of nigh shift, ..etc.

  • Variable and periodical shift plans

EXCEED-ERP supports defining variable shift plans that differ periodically according to the work nature. For example, user can define switched shift plans for workers so as to alternate their working hours daily, weekly, or monthly with the capability of defining exception shift plans inside their shifts to adapt the work nature.

  • Supporting time attendance machines

EXCEED-ERP supports the attendance data via the time attendance machines. EXCEED-ERP supports also importing attendance data from external file as well as inserting attendance data manually via time attendance documents.

  • Supporting flexible hour system

EXCEED-ERP supports fixed and flexible working hours. For example, you can define fixed working hours for some employees from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM; while salesmen may have flexible working hours to adapt their working nature; consequently, the calculation method for time attendance differs from employee to another.


  • Unlimited salary components

EXCEED-ERP provides defining unlimited number of salary components such as basic salary, allowance, nature-of-work allowance, transportation allowance,..etc.

  • Detailed salary structure

EXCEED-ERP supports defining detailed salary structures that vary by the work nature; therefore, you can define a salary according to the work name rather than according to each employee individually. For example, you can define a salary structure for accountants, and a salary structure for engineers, and then you can add characteristics for each employee individually, rather than defining a salary structures equal to the number for enterprise employees.

  • Flexible accounting impact based on employee characteristics

Salary components could be distributed according to the work nature of the employees. For example, the impact of salary component for management staff differs from the same salary component of the workers.

  • Flexible and easy methods to calculate variable salary components

Salary components may have some variables such as income tax that vary according to taxes brackets. EXCEED-ERP provides a flexible method to define variable salary components regardless the level of their complexity without having to define scenarios that require technical information like programming language.

  • Supporting multiple payments

EXCEED-ERP supports all wage periods, where salaries may be issued daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly,..etc. For example, you can issue a weekly wage for the worker in addition to his monthly salary and wage incentives where each payment has its own salary components.

  • Linking with taxes and social security

Employees salary components could be linked with the mandatory systems such as taxes and social security.

  • Notifications by Emails and SMS

EXCEED-ERP provides a notification system where Enterprise can send Emails or SMS to employees to notify them about salary transfer and any other information.

  • Linking with employee attendance elements

  • You can link salaries by the different attendance elements such as the attendance early, attendance late, the overtime; and consequently, affect on the salary positively or negatively.

  • Linking with employee Loans

Loans could be linked with the employee salary so as to deduct the loan installments from employee salary within a defined period. You can also stop the deduction of loan installments for some months or even exempt the employee from some or all installments.

  • Linking with monthly performance indicators

EXCEED-ERP supports monthly performance indicators method so as to link salary components with these indicators ; consequently, impact on the employee salary positively or negatively.

  • Linking with rewards and penalties

EXCEED-ERP supports monetary rewards and penalties as well as linking them with the employee salary. EXCEED-ERP supports also the moral reward and penalties such as draw the attention.

  • Smart methods for calculating salary allowances

EXCEED-ERP supports smart methods to calculate any of salary allocations such as the allocation of Leaving indemnity, and the allocation of health care. Salary component could be linked with these allocations such as deducting 8% within first three years, and deducting 12% from the fourth year, and so on. These calculation supported by EXCEED-ERP without having to apply scripts that may require help from development company.

  • Linking with cars

EXCEED-ERP supports distributing the total cost – or percentage of cost – for car crashes or traffic violation on the responsible of it according to specific parameters.

Leaves Management

  • Multiple types of vacations per employee

EXCEED-ERP supports defining many types of vacations such as casual leave, ordinary leave, official leave…and so on.

  • Multiple paths for vacation requests

EXCEED-ERP supports many paths for vacation requests where vacation approval may differ according to the vacation nature. For example, the vacation of three days may take approval cycle different from the vacation of five days depending on the leave nature and organization rules.

  • Linking vacation type with salary components

Vacations could be linked with salary components according to the vacation types. For example, the sick-leave does not affect on the employee incentives while the other vacations affect, and so on.

  • Linking vacation type with employee information (Nationality, Religion, Job title, Sex)

Vacations could be linked with employee nature in terms of sex, job title, nationality, and religion where the old employees may have right to take a vacation month per year, while junior stuff are not well. Also there are vacations may applied to woman not man, citizen not resident, Muslim not others and so on.

  • Vacation balances may be posted to next years

EXCEED-ERP supports either posting the employee vacation balance to the next year or giving the employee the value of his vacation balance.

Loans Management

  • Variant types of loans

EXCEED-ERP provides defining unlimited number of loans types where you can define a marriage loan, Ramadan loan, surgery loan, ..etc. This classification is useful to determine how does the enterprise deal with the employee loan, where employee could be exempted from a part surgery loan.

  • Flexibility to define installment plan with ability to modify it

EXCEED-ERP provides flexible method to define a plan for repayment loan in terms of the installments number, value of each installment. EXCEED-ERP also allows modifying this plan after some payments and then recalculates the installments number and the installment value.

  • Monitoring the paid installments and remaining

You can monitor the paid and not paid installments and recognize remaining value. EXCEED-ERP also provides the ability to link loan installments with the employee salary so as to deduct the installment value from salary automatically.

  • Loan relief

EXCEED-ERP provides loan relief document to exempt the employee from loan value or part of loan value. EXCEED-ERP also provides stopping installments within a defined period and reapplies installments again.

Rewards and penalties

  • Classification for rewards and penalties

EXCEED-ERP provides many types of rewards and penalties whether monetary or in kind or even moral. Via Reward/Penalties file, you can define infinite number of rewards, and penalties.

  • Linking monetary rewards and penalties with salary

You can link monetary rewards and penalties with employee salary so as to increase or decrease the employee salary according to that. To support this feature, EXCEED-ERP provides performance indicator style, where each employee is given an indicator score that reflects on his salary.

  • Monitoring details of rewards and penalties

EXCEED-ERP provides a Reward/Penalty document. This document could be used to launch reports to monitor the reward/penalty details for each employee.

Recruitment Management

  • Monitoring needs of each department

EXCEED-ERP provides a system to monitor the needs to hire new employees according to the need of each department.

  • Monitoring applicants

Via candidate file, you can record comprehensive data for each applicant such as contact, personal information, and test result.

  • Monitoring hiring from job request to acceptance or rejection

EXCEED-ERP provides many documents to monitor applicants from job request to acceptance or rejection such as the documents of vacancies, tests, tests results, and work starting.

  • Linking with E-Mail system

EXCEED-ERP provides sending job offers for accepted applicants, and apologies for rejected applicants automatically via e-mail system.

  • Termination and firing

Via firing document, you can end the work employee as well as recording the termination reason such as firing, resign, or retirement.

  • Release of liability

EXCEED-ERP provides a method to release of liability when dismissal from office or resigning.

Employee evaluation system

  • Flexibility of defining evaluation questions

EXCEED-ERP provides multiple evaluation elements as well as defining a rate for each element in order to have a final assessment. For instance, you can define an evaluation elements for the of time attendance, external appearance, tasks quality, and so on.

  • Multiple evaluation levels

EXCEED-ERP supports multiple levels of evaluation, where employee could be evaluated by himself, his prime, his subordinate, or any outside party such as customer or vendor.

  • Promotions

EXCEED-ERP supports a system for promotion from job to other.

Training Management

  • Monitoring skills schedule for each employee/job

EXCEED-ERP provides a flexible method to define skills for each employee as well as giving a grade for each skill (Weak, Good, Very Good, Excellent); consequently, you can display all employee skills in order to know what courses to be taught to each employee.

  • Monitoring training and development (Planning, Start, Courses, evaluations, Planned compared with actual, automatic update for skills schedule)

You can define educational courses as well as skills desired per course. EXCEED-ERP provides defining a training plan within a defined period. This plan includes employees to be trained, and desired skills. EXCEED-ERP also allows evaluation for this training in terms of instructor, employees, and the course itself. EXCEED-ERP supports also comparing desired skills from the course with the actual skills in order to have information about the course feasibility. After each course, EXCEED-ERP automatically updates employees skills in the schedule skills of each employee.

Vehicles and Transport Management

Monitoring organization vehicles (Owned or Rented)

EXCEED-ERP monitors all enterprise cars, where you can define each car via a specific file and determine whether this car is owned or rented as well as chassis number, color, model, consumed kilometers for each car,…etc.

Monitoring all vehicles procedures

Via a specific screen, you can monitor all procedures performed for each car such as License Renewal, Maintenance, accidents, traffic violations.

Linking salary with traffic violation

EXCEED-ERP allows charging the cost – or percentage of cost – for the traffic violation on the responsible as well as deducting this value from his salary.

Plans for employee transportation

You can define variant plans to transport employees taking into consideration the dates of ride and get off for each employee.

Manufacturing Management System

Comprehensive files for manufacturing process elements

Bill of materials: EXCEED-ERP allows defining infinite number of components for each product with the capability of linking each component with its operation. You can also define the method to issue each component from its warehouse whether automatically or manually as well as defining detailed information for each component in terms of quantity, unit, dimension, yield, and others.

Via bill of materials file, you can also define the co-products resultant from manufacturing the final product with a statement of quantity and cost percentage for each co-product.

Routing: Via routing file, you can define the consecutive operations to produce the product. You can define the characteristics of each operation in terms of the used resources, the method of charging cost, and others.

Resources and activities: EXCEED-ERP provides a special file to define resources whether workers or machines with the ability of linking these resources with Human resources and Fixed assets modules and determining the cost rate of each resource. You can also define many accounts for each resource. On the other hand, you can define infinite number of activities where the resource may have many activities according to the operation nature.

Work centers: EXCEED-ERP provides defining any number of work centers as well as the resources existing in each work center, resources number and the working hours available for each resource.

Overheads: EXCEED-ERP provides different methods to charge cost of the production order overheads such as charging cost per the value of each resource hour, by a percentage of the total cost of consumed raw materials, by a percentage of the total cost of resources hours.

comprehensive documentary cycle

EXCEED-ERP supports all documents that cover the manufacturing process from issuing the production request into closing the production order and costing the finished products.

Production order: Via the production order, you can define the quantity of finished products to be produced, the characteristics of this product in terms of bill of materials, operations, co-products, in addition to many other information such as batch number, production date, quality information, and others.

Production execution: Via the production execution document, you can execute an operation – or many operations – for the production order. You can also, execute many operations for multiple production orders all at once.

Product delivery and product return vouchers: In order to receive and return finished products and co-products of the production order.

Raw material vouchers: EXCEED-ERP provides raw material issue, and raw material return vouchers to receive and return raw materials that are planned before in the production order.

Resource voucher: To charge the cost of working hours for each resource (workers/machines) defined in the production order.

Scrap receipts: EXCEED-ERP allows receiving any scraps resultant from the production order. EXCEED-ERP also supports different methods to charge the cost of these scraps on the production order.

Production order close voucher: As soon as closing the production order, the system collects the costs of consumed raw materials, working hours of resources, and overheads in order to cost the final products, and stop the work on the production order.

Adjustments for closing production order: Planned overheads for the production order may vary significantly from the actual overheads such as unexpected electricity bill. Via order close adjustment voucher, you can recalculate the cost of the production order and consequently the cost of finished products even after closing the production order taking into account all transactions occurred before adjustment such as sales documents and others.

Full integration with other EXCEED-ERP systems

Manufacturing module integrates with the other EXCEED-ERP modules where the raw materials are invoked from the inventory items defined before in Inventory module. Workers and machines defined before in Human resources and fixed assets modules are used as resources to execute operations. Product receipt voucher generates a stock receipt voucher automatically to receive final products in the warehouse, while product return voucher generates a stock issue voucher automatically to issue the returned products.

You can also use other inventory documents with the manufactured items such as Quality control document , and quality assurance document.

Adaptation with the different manufacturing methods

Manufacturing module has been designed so as to adapt with the different manufacturing method as the following examples

  • EXCEED-ERP supports all supply types such as supplying materials manually or automatically such as operation pull with executing operation or assembly pull with receiving the finished products.

  • EXCEED-ERP supports charging the cost of working hours via issuing the resource vouchers manually, or automatically upon issuing the execution voucher.

  • EXCEED-ERP supports charging the cost of resource per item or per lot.


Manufacturing module was designed so as to ease the manufacturing data entry as well as manipulating this data in a flexible way. For example the following:

  • EXCEED-ERP helps user to determine the standard quantities required to produce the final products where you can define the quantity of raw material required to produce a quantity of final products by any way. For example, you can define 3 liter of a raw material required to produce 3 tons of final product, and leave EXCEED-ERP to calculate any other quantities.

  • EXCEED-ERP supports executing many operation for multiple production orders all at once.

  • You can define standard operation including all its resources and details in order to invoke this operation in the routing file directly rather than having to define the operation each time.

  • You can easily view all documents related to a manufacturing document such as receipt vouchers related to a product receipt or raw material return. This way, you can monitor any of manufacturing process details. For example, you can view all documents related to the production order via related documents tab screen.

Material resource planning MRP

EXCEED-ERP supports a planning system for manufacturing products in order to produce the products according to a business plan taking into account the available materials and expected sales.

Multiple Scenarios

EXCEED-ERP supports defining many scenarios to record many forecasts according to different point of views as well as comparing between them. EXCEED-ERP provides many mechanisms to compare between defined scenarios according to the expectation percentage of each one, where EXCEED-ERP distinguishes between products to be produced and already have sales orders issued before in defined periods, and those products expected via forecast documents, and those products expected via a manual demand document that issued by the planning manager according to his point of view.

Planning documents

Via planning documents, decision maker can choose between different forecasts in a specific period. You can collects the planned products to have information about the required quantity of each product; consequently, the required raw materials to be bought. Via planning document, you can issue the production orders, production requests according to the required quantities. Via planning document, you can also issue purchase orders for raw materials required for the planned products.

We help you to plan

EXCEED-ERP provides many mechanisms to help decision maker to execute the proper planning. For example, when displaying the products to be produced in planning document – desired tab screen, EXCEED-ERP displays the currently available quantities of the products, the quantities that expected to be received in warehouses, and the quantities that expected to be issued from warehouses in order to make the correct decision to determine the required quantities by which the production order will be issued.

EXCEED-ERP displays the product quantities whether currently available, expected to be received, or expected to be issued from warehouses by any level of complexity where EXCEED-ERP distinguishes between quantities in enterprise warehouses and quantities existing in the warehouses related to the enterprise distributors; furthermore, the available and expected quantities could be calculated by special equations desired by the client himself. Where these quantities could calculated based on specific warehouses without the others, or based on sales or purchases documents in specific periods or any other parameters; the matter which provides a great flexibility in adapting with the enterprise work nature.

EXCEED-ERP provides production order for planning which differs from the normal production order, where production order for planning has a detailed description for the use percentage of each required raw material in the different products which helps the management to recognize the extent of need for each item; consequently, making the proper decision for purchasing according to the market conditions.

System Reports

  • Production requests within a period

  • Production orders within a period (Closed, terminated, initial, current)

  • Product receipts for a production order (many production orders) within a period

  • Product returns for a production order (many production orders) within a period

  • Product scraps for a production order (many production orders) within a period

  • Product executions for a production order (many production orders) within a period

  • Deviation percentage of actual products from planed products for a production order (for product receipts, co-products)

  • Deviation of raw materials from planned materials of a production order (or many production orders)

  • Required raw materials to produce a specific quantity of products

  • Raw materials issued to a production order (or many production orders) within a period

  • Raw materials returned to a production order (or many production orders) within a period

  • List of planned purchase orders within a period

  • List of defined scenarios

  • List of MRB Sales forecasting

  • List of planning raw materials documents

  • Deviation percentage of produced products from expected products within a period

Contracting Management System

Full support for contracting phases

EXCEED-ERP provides full support for all different contracting phases such as tender specifications and recording all its items and conditions, contracting assays, recording project contract, issuing project extracts as were planned in contracts till issuing final extract. This cycle works simultaneously with the projects of subcontractors included in the main project.

Comprehensive files for contracting elements

EXCEED-ERP provides an independent file for each contracting element in order to be invoked in the contracting documents. EXCEED-ERP provides a record for each project, subcontractor, advisory, work area, term category, standard term, contracting condition,..etc. All this information provides the required flexibility to ease the data entry, especially in the periodic documents.

Comprehensive record for each contract

XCEED-ERP supports a record for each project contract to enter all its data including the customer, contract start and end date, advisory name, total cost in addition to the contract accounts. EXCEED-ERP provides also a special tab screen for terms and conditions of the contract, and another tab screen to display the contracts of subcontractors.

EXCEED-ERP deals with each contract as a subsidiary account; where the project may continue for months or even years; therefore dealing with contract as a subsidiary account allow launching statement for each contract, and consequently, helps decision maker to have information about the extent of cost and profitability at any time of the project periods.

Monitoring quantities and project extracts

EXCEED-ERP monitors project executions via project execution document. Through this document, you can enter the execution percentage for each project term and comparing it with contracted quantity, and then issue the project extracts according to the executed quantities.

Flexible system for cost calculation

The expenses of contracting projects may take many and complex forms, the mater which require a strong and effective costing system. EXCEED-ERP provides a special file for contracting direct costs. Through this file, you can enter infinite number of costing elements and link them with subcontractors, raw materials, labors, and any other parameter. These costing elements could be used for issuing analysis carts to have full information for the project costs, and consequently, determining the profit margin, and final price for the contracting project. On the other hand, you can divide the project into terms, and divide each term into subsidiary terms in order to monitoring the project cost. You can also record the cost of each term in independent accounts and cost centers in order to have information for the cost of each term at level of a project or many projects.

Integrated system for subcontractors

EXCEED-ERP provides independent documents for subcontractors. You can link the project of subcontractor with a term, many terms, or even the whole project. The projects of subcontractors could be monitored in parallel with the main project so as to have full information for the total cost at any time.

Full simulation for contracting work

EXCEED-ERP supports the payment in advance and deducts a percent of this payment from each project extract. The system supports the business insurance and gets its value back in the project end or after a period of the project end. EXCEED-ERP can also automatically discounts the insurance, guaranty, and taxes from ordinary and final extracts. On the other hand, the engineering management can record the completion percentage daily or weekly to monitor the project status, where the system monitors the quantities of previous extracts and compares these quantities with the completion percentage to create an extract by the difference. You can also define a condition or many conditions for each project phase, item or even for the whole project contract. The defined conditions integrate with the project extracts, where the system search for verified conditions and inserts their values automatically with the extracts of the project contract. Furthermore, EXCEED-ERP allows a permitted percentage for projects. In other words, The system allows contractors to increase the quantities 10% , for example, more than the project contract value so that the contractor defrays any additional expenses that exceed this permitted percentage.

Automated system for calculating Dues

Via contracting condition screen, you can define the payment in advance, insurance, warranty, and any other dues that related to the contract phases, where the calculation method is defined whether by addition or deduction in addition to linking it with the completion percentage, the end of contract, or with the final extract,…etc. You can also define a maximum value for the condition whether by value or percentage with the capability of modifying the condition value in addition to define the accounts and cost centers affected by the condition value. EXCEED-ERP collects all defined conditions in order to be applied on each extract, or the final extract according to what has been defined in the project contract.

Contracting price list

The contracting prices are atypical. In other words, if the price of a marble slab of dimensions (Meter * Meter) is 400 Riyals, for example, it does not mean that the price of dimensions (2 Meter * 2 Meter) is 1600 Riyals, where the prices usually differ according to the length of the area. You can also define the minimum length and minimum width for the price, therefore, EXCEED-ERP provides a contracting price list through which, you can define an infinite number of prices according to length, area, volume, and so on

System Reports

  • List of project contracts within period

  • Raw material required for project contracts within period

  • Resources required for project contracts within period

  • List of projects about to be finish according to finished percentage

  • Project contract extracts for project(s) within period

  • Project contract executions for project(s) that have no extracts issued yet

  • Costs required for a project (According to contract assays, terms sheet, analysis card)

  • Measurement requests that have no assays document issued yet

Project Management System

Regulatory environment for work management

EXCEED-ERP provides a regulatory environment for work management, where the work could be divided into projects, and these projects are divided into stages which in turns divided into tasks to be performed by an employee or a group of employees.

Tracking required tasks

projects management system has been designed so as to monitor all required tasks by the managers, where after recording a task time, the employee can request approval from the direct manager which in turns evaluates this task according to its size and the recorded time compared with the planned time for the task. The manager can either accept this recorded time and consequently charge the project by its cost or reject this time to be corrected by the employee.

Tracking tasks could be adjusted either by displaying notifications in the system interface, sending emails or by SMS messages.

Full integration with human resources system

The required tasks are performed by the employees that were defined in human resources system. The time recorded in the required tasks could be compared with the attendance time of the employee to discover any contradiction between them. You can also link the performed task by the employee salary, where the employee can receive the salary based on performed tasks according to any equations implemented by the enterprise. On the other hand, the evaluation system of human resources integrates with project management, where the employees could be evaluated according to the quality of their tasks.

Save your time and effort

Projects management system helps you to save time and effort as much as possible, where some projects are similar to a large extent. With EXCEED-ERP, you don’t have to re-plan this type of project and define its own stages; rather, you can clone complete projects with all their planning stages and tasks in order to use them directly. You can also clone special stages with the possibility of including their tasks. The system also provides a mechanism for the user to record any expenses related to his entrusted tasks, where the user can issue a request by his expenses to be approved or issue a project expense document directly.

EXCEED-ERP supports quick methods to collect invoices for a customer or many customers. Project management also supports the periodic invoices that are constantly repeated according to a periodic service provided by the enterprise.

Analyze your work

Via projects management system, you can analyze all the project aspects in order to have information for all strengths and weaknesses. For example, the system provides indications for the extent of the staff’s commitment to implement their tasks; consequently, the tasks could be distributed according to the efficiency of each employee. EXCEED-ERP provides also indications for the needs of other resources to reduce the time required for the projects. Decision-makers can track the execution percentage for the required tasks and get information for the expected time to achieve these tasks.

System Reports

  • Commitment statement to the planned tasks within a period (per employee)

  • Statement of projects costs within the period according to actual working hours

  • Deviation statement of actual costs from planned costs

  • Statement of total invoices issued for a project(s) within a period

  • Statement of required tasks within a period (per employee)

  • Statement of executed tasks within a period (per employee, task type in terms of accepted or rejected)

  • Expenses issued within period (per expense item, customer, employee, project)

  • Expenses required within the period according to expenses requests

Real Estate Management System

Registration of all real estate data

EXCEED-ERP allows recording all data of the real estate such as region, address, the area, the width of surrounding streets, the information of the owner and buyer,..etc, in addition to the capability of attaching any number of documents in each real estate record such as the contracts of sale or rent, identity card copies for owner and buyer.., and so on.

Regulatory environment

EXCEED-ERP provides five master files for all types of real estates, where you can define a lands that includes squares, each square contains a number of blocks, each block contains a number of buildings, and finally the building consists of number of apartments. Definitely, the system allows changing these names according to the customers desires

Several systems for real estates

EXCEED-ERP supports all business transactions for real estates, as the following examples:

  • Complete sale for real estate with determining a percentage discount for cash and another price according to the number of installments.

  • Multiple installments systems with determining the value of each installment. EXCEED-ERP also provides a mechanism to insert installments automatically according to the applied installment system.

  • EXCEED-ERP supports all details of the sales procedures such as the apartment price, payment in advance, reservation payment, the commission required from seller and buyer.

  • Reserving the real estate by an earnest so that the real estate could not be sold unless the earnest is returned.

Sequential sales cycle

EXCEED-ERP Provides a reservation system whether this reservation is a temporary with determining its validation date or a normal with determining the reservation value, persons, and the specifications of the reserved real estate in order to either confirm this reservation or cancel it.

Comprehensive documents to record expenses and collecting

Without having to switch from the real estate module, user can issue the following documents:

  • Documents of collecting that related to rents, sales, and reservation with inserting details such as collected value, the type of collected item (Sale, Insurance, Maintenance cost, commission,..etc), the data of mediator, collector, the amounts to be transferred to the bank, and any other attachments.

  • The system allows transferring the ownership of a real estate from an owner to another, where there is a specific document to transfer ownership of a real estate many times with the ability of displaying these data in reports.

  • Documents for maintenance expenses at the level of each apartment.

  • Expenses requests for both owner and bank with the ability of issuing many collecting documents to be paid all at once.

Complete flexibility to define the rent process

EXCEED-ERP provides detailed information for the rent procedures in addition to following up the rent dues periodically. Via the rent contract document, you can define the following data:

  • Contract persons such as owner, buyer, salesman, and others.

  • Required rent period with determining the start and end date, rent type such as monthly, quarterly, yearly,..etc. in addition to detailed information for the purpose of the apartment rent.

  • Financial information of the contract such as the yearly increase, the cost of maintenance and water, the insurance percentage, and the commission,…etc.

  • The ability to define rented apartment including its owner, electricity meter number and any other information.

  • Applied discounts per each year of the rent period according to the contract agreement.

  • User can display all dues rents including the rent value, due date and other information; Furthermore, user can issue all collecting documents for the renter, and automatically insert paid and remaining payments.

EXCEED-ERP allows cancelling the contract at any time via a specific document to finish the relation between owner and renter and liquidate the insurance expenses with explaining the cancellation reason in addition to the abiity of attaching any files to document the contract termination

Full support for commission system

EXCEED-ERP supports the commission system that is used in some countries which means defining a third person between the owner and buyer/renter. This person follows up the real estate and collects the installment payments or the rent value in addition to the services prices, maintenance expenses from the buyer/renter. EXCEED-ERP allows defining the commission value as a percentage or a fixed value. The same way, services value are defined as a percentage such as 2% of the annual rent or a fixed value such as 400 Riyals for water expenses per each apartment.

Monitoring the collecting process

Via EXCEED-ERP system, you can monitor the investment of each real estate whether by following up the rents or the installment payments in details as the following examples:

  • EXCEED-ERP provides a notification system to notify the user by the approaching of payment date, bank collecting, the end of rent period, the reservation date or any other event may be important for the owner or the beneficiary. EXCEED-ERP provides multiple ways for alarms such as the notifications that appear on the system interface or by e-mail or SMS.

  • Issuing the periodic collecting documents for the owner, services, or for the commission system according to the agreement between owner and beneficiary such that each type of collecting is related to a specific book and a different numbering style.

  • Issuing the documents for the bank and linking them with the daily collecting for commission.

  • EXCEED-ERP provides reports for collecting, the payment status for each beneficiary, the status of each real estate in terms of reservation, and availability for sale in addition to other information according to the user desire so as to have instantaneously information for each real estate.

Full linking between the system components

The real estate components are linked with each other so as to provide an interactive environment for the user as the following examples:

  • Linking between owner, buyer, and collector.

  • Linking between the different real estate so that prevent selling a block, for example, while it contains some lands that were sold before.

  • The system inserts the owner name when inserting any of his real estate.

  • Linking the owner with buildings and the renter

  • The system reauthorize selling the real estate upon returning the earnest.

Interactive environment to save time and effort

EXCEED-ERP saves a lot of time and effort while issuing the real estate documents and monitoring the cycle of sales and renting as the following examples:

  • Via the details tab screen of real states files, you can view all components of any real estate according to the Hierarchical description. For example, you can display all apartments existing in any building, all blocks in any square, and so on.

  • You can issue reservation and sales documents via the lands records.

  • Issuing the apartments from building records, buildings from blocks records, and blocks from the squares records, and so on.

  • collecting payment documents related to a specific owner or bank via one payment request in order to pay all these payments all at once.

  • Creating a reservation document based on a reservation request, and a sales or collecting document based on the reservation.

  • Issuing the installments, and payment documents automatically via the sale contract.

  • Creating rent and collecting documents based on the rent contract.


System Reports

  • Rent Contracts Details

  • Values of collected installments & Rent

  • Pending Installment & Rent Values

  • Units Status

  • Building Details

  • Collection Percentage

Service Center Management System

Comprehensive files to cover all maintenance aspects

EXCEED-ERP provides comprehensive files to record all data required for maintenance process whether the data related to the product such as brand, model, serial numbers as Motor No and Chassis No, or the data related to distributing the maintenance cost such as insurance and warranty information or the data related to the client.

You can enter all data of the service centers, where you can define any number of workshops including the reception data and resources whether employees or machines with the ability of linking these resources with human resources and fixed assets systems and defining the cost of each resource.

Monitor screen for each workshop

EXCEED-ERP supports a monitor screen for each work center to have instantaneously information for the status of each work center including the consumed production capacity, the possibility of loading new maintenance orders, and the time required to create a new maintenance order. This technique helps the enterprise to plan the maintenance requests, taking the right decision for accepting new requests, determining the time to receive a product from customer, and the required time to deliver this product.

Full support for pre-maintenance procedures

EXCEED-ERP supports all the commonly recognized procedures before receiving a product from the customer, where you can make a job estimation document to define the required maintenances, services prices, and how to distribute the prices on insurance company, warranty company and the customer. EXCEED-ERP supports also a document to modify this estimation in order to enter any modifications required from insurance and warranty companies. On the other hand, you will have a detailed information for the estimation cycle till reaching to the final agreement with the customer.

Via product inspection document, you can record all crashes or damages and required maintenances. To ease the work of the user, EXCEED-ERP supports defining inspection points to describe the received products including client’s belongings inside the car, for example. EXCEED-ERP also supports inspection templates that include a group of inspection points to be invoked directly in the inspection documents.

Before receiving the product to be maintained, you can issue a reservation request in order to describe required maintenance, receipt date, delivery date,…etc.

Complete flexibility for distributing Maintenance price

Via EXCEED-ERP system, you can apply any method to distribute the maintenance price, where some products are still in the warranty period, while some other products are subject to an insurance system; therefore, EXCEED-ERP supports distributing the service price on many sides such as insurance company, Warranty, and the customer in addition to defining the percentage of each side. You can distribute a part of the service price on the service center as a kind of discount, or to satisfy the customer or any other reasons. On the other hand, EXCEED-ERP provides a system to issue invoices for insurance company, warranty, and the customer via the maintenance order itself without having to switch to the sales module.

Furthermore, EXCEED-ERP provides two methods to distribute the service price either by calculating prices of all services provided for the customer, or by distributing the prices manually so as to be less than the required price as it is occurs often.

Actual simulation for maintenance process

With EXCEED-ERP, you can execute many maintenance orders all at once according to the capacity of existing work centers. The spare parts and raw materials could be issued automatically for the services inserted in the maintenance order.

Via the maintenance execution document, all maintenance tasks are recorded in order to charge all running times of the technicians. EXCEED-ERP also supports instantaneously information for each task status such as “Finished”, “Closed”, “Not Started”, “Cancelled”..etc.

The maintenance process may be stopped at any time because of the lack of spare parts or the customer did not pay one of the required payments or any other reasons; therefore, you can stop any of running services and resume it later on via resuming operation documents. EXCEED-ERP also allows monitoring all client visits for the workshop, where there is a complete file to define all types of client visits that may be used in clients reports.

EXCEED-ERP collects all the maintenance costs as soon as closing the maintenance order to calculate the total cost required from customer, insurance company, warranty, or the work center. Total cost could be calculated for each maintenance order or for each service included.

System Reports

  • Maintenance orders statement within period (per customer, status)

  • Raw materials required for a maintenance order (many maintenance orders)

  • Actual cost to a maintenance order according to production documents within period

  • List of service requests according to reservation date

  • List of pending maintenance orders with a statement of reason within a period

  • List of capacity and current operating percentage for a service center or many service centers

  • Attendance percentage of maintenance workers within period (per worker, service center)

  • List of unavailable spare parts

  • Deviation percentage of available spare parts from those required in maintenance orders

Customer Relation Management - CRM

Instantaneous information about everything related to customers

Usually the marketing department at the beginning carries out marketing campaigns to get a list of potential and expected customers. Thereafter, sales department tries to turn them into actual customers. After that, the enterprise conveys the goods or provides the service for customers, and issues the invoices and follows up the collections. Finally, the customer support department trains the customers if necessary, responds to customer inquiries and resolves their problems.

EXCEED-ERP provides a comprehensive CRM system to support all phases of dealing with customers. In just a few seconds, you can display all data related to a specific customer, recognize the extent of his satisfaction for the provided services, the number of his complains, and how the customer support deal with his requests. This way, CRM will be an actual mirror for decision maker to view all customers details and all phases of sales process.

Full support for marketing policies

Any information related to marketing or sale could be recorded in the system, where any marketing campaign, inquiry from any person, or improvisational phone call,…etc could be recorded as a CRM lead that may be converted into a potential sale upon expecting that the customer is interested in any of the enterprise products. This potential sale may be converted into a sales quotation and consequently a real sales invoice. EXCEED-ERP provides a comprehensive file for each phase that contains all customer data including contact information, mediators, products that the customer interested in, and other information.

Service and maintenance contracts

EXCEED-ERP supports service and maintenance contracts with recording comprehensive data including the contract value, terms, service period and customer information with the ability to attach any documents that related to the contract or warranty or others. Via the service contract, you can insert all items/services with the warranty period for each item, where the system supports a specific file for warranty, in addition, to define the percentage for both agent and mediator, where the system provides special files for agents and mediators. On the other hand, EXCEED-ERP supports adding any number of additional contracts to the main contract with all the details of each one.

Follow up customer services and monitor their execution

EXCEED-ERP supports all after-sales service that are represented in support requests, complaints, suggestions, and development requests, where EXCEED-ERP supports a specific document for each of these points. You can follow up all these points and monitor all their tasks via the visit documents, customer phone calls, and the executions of customer requests.

Monitor targets and marketing plans

EXCEED-ERP supports defining scenarios for marketing and customer supports in all year periods in order to compare them with the actual work to recognize the extent of deviation; and consequently determine the success or failure in achieving planed targets for marketing and customer supports.

With EXCEED-ERP, you can define monthly plans for marketing and customer supports so as to compare them with the actual activities for the enterprise employees to have instantaneous information about their commitments to their assigned tasks. For example, you can define a plan for a marketing employee to perform a specific number of phone calls to offer the enterprise products to a specific number of customers or an executions number of customer requests. The system will automatically compare these plans with the actual activities; and therefore, evaluate the employees working to make the right decision.

Define the contact ways with clients

CRM system of EXCEED-ERP adapts with the enterprise according to its abilities, where you can adjust the system to acknowledge the customers by the new items, services or solutions provided via Emails or SMS according to the enterprise capabilities.

Powerful system for assigning tasks

Dealing with customers before or after sale means the way of getting money, and then maximizing the enterprise resources, therefore; choosing the proper employee is a very important point. EXCEED-ERP provides many organizational files for this purpose, where there is a special file for complaints, and another file for complaint resource, and a third file for the types of marketing campaigns. When working with this organizational environment taking into account the giant authorities system of EXCEED-ERP, the tasks could be assigned to employees according to their expertise and trust granted for each of them. This way, the services and marketing campaigns will be performed in a very professional manner. Furthermore; the system supports issuing complete projects including their tasks, contacts, visits, and training related to the customer support, and linking these actions with specific employees so that defining start and end date for all defined tasks and the project as a whole. This methodology helps the enterprise to measure the productivity for each employee and have enough information about the weak points for each of them.

Complete link between the system components

EXCEED-ERP provides a complete link between the system components in order to execute the support procedures and move from a phase to another in a flexible manner. For example, you can create a calling and visit documents via the service contract. You can also monitor all support requests via the service contract. For another example, you can turn the complaint into a support request or escalate it via the complaint screen. The support request could be converted to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), where EXCEED-ERP supports a specific file for FAQ. This way, customer support procedures could be performed through the widows that leading to them, the matter which makes from the system a comfortable environment to record marketing and support actions.

Flexible questionnaire system

Under the frenzied competition between different companies, the convergence of prices, and the temptations offered by competitors, clients no longer have to deal with enterprise permanently, even with the provided good services. Mature companies now anticipate events so that maintain loyalty, and satisfaction of the customers. Via questionnaire system supported by EXCEED-ERP, you can communicate with your customers periodically to have full information about the extent of their satisfaction about products or services provided, defects, required features, advantages provided from competitors. and so on. You also, can use the questionnaire system with the ordinary public to see the market changes and variability. EXCEED-ERP provides a special file to record infinite number of questions whether related to marketing, customer support, or others. You can also define a questionnaire template that includes a group of questions in order to be invoked all at once in the questionnaire screen. EXCEED-ERP also supports linking the questionnaire with any of the system records such as customer, vendor, item, invoice, and so on.

System Reports

  • CRM Marketing campaigns executed within a period (Per product, campaign employee)

  • Schedule of consolidated operating plans

  • Costs of marketing campaigns executed within a period (expected, actual)

  • CRM Potentials statement within a period for a salesman or more

  • CRM Leads statement within a period for a salesman or more

  • Expected sales within the period according to CRM potentials and leads

  • Statement of new customers per day

  • Support requests (per status, customer)

  • Development requests (per request type, status, customer, product, priority, relative weight)

  • CRM Warranty contracts (Valid, finished, about to finish)

  • List of complaints and suggestions within a period (per customer, product, type (suggestion or complaint))

  • List of visits within a period (per customer, status (Initial, Postponed….,))

  • List of CRM service contracts within a period (per customer, contract type)

Document Management System - DMS

Organizational structure for enterprise documents

EXCEED-ERP provides a precise organizational structure to describe the location of any document. You can divide the documents locations into archives that are divided into sub-locations that contain folders. these folders are considered regulatory containers that may be classified per employee, customer, vendor,..etc.

Actual simulation for documentary cycle

EXCEED-ERP supports moving a document from an archive to another in addition to requiring the manager approval either to move the document, take it out, or even disposing from it.

Full tracking for enterprise documents

With EXCEED-ERP for a document management system, you can monitor any document was received before in the enterprise with a historical description for all its transactions from receiving it till taking it out or disposing of it

Comprehensive reports

Via search parameters such as document date, topic, folder number, you can recognize all information about any of enterprise documents whether issued for employees or customers and have to be received or those documents existing in the enterprise and have to be delivered.

System Reports

  • List of enterprise documents

  • List of documents related to a specific topic

  • List of documents per owner

  • Documents movement within a period (per employee, customer, vendor, third party)